General information

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This is a summer school on the intersection of number theory with other fields, including analysis and ergodic theory. Its aim will be to give a broad view of analytic number theory as the study of the number, growth and distribution of discrete objects – such as the integers – with all available tools at our disposal.

The main themes will be:

  1. arithmetic combinatorics - abelian and non-abelian;
  2. automorphic forms - equidistribution, periods and subconvexity;
  3. dynamics in number theory.

The courses are intended to be accessible to graduate students and young researchers from a broad variety of backgrounds.

For prospective participants

How to apply (Students): Please send your CV (including marksheets of recent exams) and a letter of recommendation from one of your institutional teachers to Please only send soft copy of this material.

All participants from outside Mumbai will be provided with local hospitality including accommodation. Indian participants will be paid 3-tier A/C return fare from their place of work to Mumbai by the shortest route.

There may be preparatory talks given at the local level before the school starts; e.g., the prospective speakers are in contact with G. Prakash, who is giving a course in Chennai on additive combinatorics. During the school, there will be mentored discussion/study groups led by faculty. Scribes will be assigned to produce lecture notes.

The school is funded by Dr. Helfgott's Philip Leverhulme prize and by the Tata Institute's Knowledge Exchange Proposal in Mathematics (KEPM).