International Conference on

Complex Analytic Geometry

Organising Committee: Indranil Biswas and A.J. Parameswaran

List of Speakers :

  1. Jaume Amoros

 2. Joao Baptista

 3. Usha Bhosle

 4. Philip Boalch (to confirm)

  5. Ugo Bruzzo

  6. Arijit Dey

  7. Carlos Florentino

  8. Tomas Gomez

  9.   Amit Hogadi

10. Norbert Hoffmann

11. John Loftin

12. Marina Logares

13. Christoph Mourougane

14. Georg Schumacher

15. Matthias Stemmler

16. Andras Szenes

17. Graeme Wilkin

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Contact: Indranil Biswas and A.J. Parameswaran, School of Mathematics, TIFR, Mumbai 400 005, India.
Email: cag /at/