Discussion Meeting on "Algebraic Cycles and Related Topics"

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Dates: December 26 - 30, 2014

The School of Mathematics will be organizing a discussion meeting on Algebraic cycles and related topics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai.

The main purpose of this meeting is to have a series of talks by experts in the style of a workshop, where a speaker will give two talks on a particular area of the subject of algebraic cycles and their applications in algebra, arithmetic and geometry. Each of these talks is expected to be broadly focused on the introduction and discussion on important past and current research in a specific topic related to algebraic cycles.

Young mathematicians, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students are encouraged to participate in this meeting. The institute will provide local support to registered participants during the meeting. It will arrange accommodation for a limited number of registered participants.

Speakers List:

  1. Chetan Balwe (TIFR, Mumbai)
  2. Jishnu Biswas (ISI, Bangalore)
  3. Utsav Choudhary (Univ. Osnabruck)
  4. Mrinal Kanti Das (ISI, Kolkata)
  5. Amit Hogadi (TIFR, Mumbai)
  6. Amalendu Krishna (TIFR, Mumbai)
  7. Kapil Paranjape (IISER,  Mohali)
  8. Kartik Prasanna (Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor)
  9. G. V. Ravindra (Univ. Missouri, St. Louis)
  10. Anand  Sawant (TIFR, Mumbai)
  11. Ronnie Sebastian (IISER, Pune)
  12. Ramesh Sreekantan (ISI, Bangalore)
  13. V. Srinivas (TIFR, Mumbai)

Please send an email to amal@math.tifr.res.in if you wish to participate in the meeting.